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Soldiers of the Cross Motorcycle Ministries Bylaws

Article 1 Laws Concerning Personal Conduct

a. All actions, speech, and intentions of SOTC members will be to glorify the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
No actions, speech and intent that bring rebuke on the LORD will be tolerated.
b. No actions, speech or intent that brings rebuke upon another Christian ministry, church, motorcycle club or
ministry will be tolerated.
c. Negative actions, speech or attitude that disrupts any SOTC meeting will not be tolerated. Any member who is determined to be engaged in such behavior can be immediately removed from the membership by the PRESIDENT.
d. Monthly SOTC members meetings are mandatory for all members. All other SOTC ministries, missions and rides are strictly voluntary and participation is decided by each member. Any member may be excused from a required monthly meeting due to work or family related issues provided however that the member gives advance notice to the SOTC Secretary via a text message. If in the event ANY member is absent for two required monthly meetings without texting the secretary, that member can be removed from membership and if removed, they will no longer be included in monthly SOTC members meetings.
e. No member shall consume alcohol / drugs or nicotine while wearing the SOTC logo. Using tobacco is also not allowed on club premises. Consuming alcohol or choosing to be addicted to nicotine is a personnel choice for each member to decide in their private life while not displaying a SOTC logo, however there is no decision to make for consuming alcohol or drugs when a member is displaying a SOTC logo. It is not allowed.
All members while on any SOTC sanctioned Missions Trip, shall abstain from consuming alcohol, whether in private or in public. SOTC Missions members shall not participate in any actions that may bring into question the integrity of the SOTC Missions Members. Any violation of this condition shall be cause for immediate removal from membership by the PRESIDENT.
All MEMBERS and PROSPECTS are subject to these bylaws and must agree with the “Statement of Faith”.

Article 2 Laws Concerning the Colors
a. All members will display the colors during all SOTC rides and functions unless otherwise directed by the PRESIDENT.
b. No SOTC member will display the colors at events the PRESIDENT or VICE PRESIDENT
determines is not in the best interests of the ministry.

c. MEMBERS only will wear colors, on their back with no other patch or logo.
Colors (patches) will be worn in the following manner.
On a black leather motorcycle vest
“SOLDIERS” rocker on the back of vest (top).
“of the” rocker below “SOLDIERS”.
Center Piece below 11of t he” rocker.
“CROSS” rocker below the Center Piece.
1. RANK patch on right front chest area (i.e. PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, TREASURER, SECRETARY, MEMBER, etc.).
2. Name or Nick Name (approved by OFFICERS) sewn below rank ribbon, stitched onto military style ribbon (similar to rank ribbon).
3. Christion patches (i.e. John 3:16, Jesus Saves, etc.) must be black with white lettering and approved by an OFFICER. Unauthorized patches that are deemed inappropriate by an OFFICER must be removed immediately or the member may face discipline under Article VIII.

e. No “Support” logos or patches will be worn or displayed without authorization from the
PRESIDENT (including on your motorcycle).

Article 3 Miscellaneous Laws

a. All PROSPECTS must be sponsored by an active MEMBER with the consent of at least one OFFICER
and no objections from any other OFFICER.
b. At all events the PRESIDENT or highest-ranking OFFICER is the final authority.
c. At events where there is no OFFICER and a problem develops, the members should leave if possible.
d. On all rides the PRESIDENT or highest-ranking OFFICER is the final authority.
e. All MEMBERS and PROSPECTS must maintain a valid Driver’s License with a motorcycle
endorsement and be prepared to show it to any OFFICER upon request.

Article 4 Laws Concerning Ministries

Any MEMBER that commits to participate in one of the ministries under SOTC must make every
attempt to be present at that ministry event. Any MEMBER that cannot be present after committing must call the leader of that Event and let him know.
b. Any money donated to the ministry must be immediately reported to the TREASURER or highest-
ranking officer present.

Article 5 Laws Concerning the Leadership

a. The PRESIDENT, highest ranking OFFICER or his designee, should be prepared to deliver devotion at
the beginning of all events or gatherings.
b. OFFICERS will not commit the ministry to events without the approval of the PRESIDENT or VICE

Article 6 Laws Concerning the Treasury

a. The TREASURER will keep a written account of all monies entering and leaving the ministry.
b. The TREASURER must be able to present financial records to any SOTC officer OFFICER or an upon
c. The TREASURER will count all donations and money accepted by the ministry in the presence of one
other OFFICER. The TREASURER will enter all monies into the record book and entries shall be initialed
by the TREASURER and one OFFICER.

Article 7 Rights

a. All MEMBERS who have a grievance against another MEMBER or the ministry have the right to bring his grievance to the leadership for action.
b. All MEMBERS who have a grievance against any OFFICER has the right to bring their grievance before the rest of the leadership for action.

Article 8 Punishment to be Administered upon Violations of Bylaws

1. Violations shall have two distinct and separate classifications that will be labeled as Class “A” and Class “B” violations. These two classifications and how they are administered is described below:
Class “A” Violation: This is a condition in the life of a member that is morally contrary to the Scriptures (sin) and a condition the member refuses to remedy by stopping the
sin when confronted and made aware of the sin by an officer of SOTC. In such cases of Class “A” violations, removal from membership shall be done immediately by the President or the Presidents assign upon the members refusal to alter their behavior.
Class “B” Violation: This is a condition in the life of a member that is morally contrary to the Scripture (sin) and the offending member agrees to discontinue the activity upon being confronted and made aware of the sin by an officer of SOTC. In such cases of Class “B” violations the member will be given a probation period of one to six months (on a case-by-case basis) to abstain from the offending activity. If in the event the same violation occurs within the probation period, then that member is to be removed from being a member of SOTC. Any member of SOTC that is on probation is still entitled to all the benefits of members.
2. Any member who has been removed from membership for any of the foregoing violations of personal conduct, or has chosen to withdraw from membership in SOTC will no longer be welcome at any SOTC functions including weekly Bible Studies. We are a one and done ministry. Sin like yeast (1 Cor. 5) can infect a whole loaf and willful sin, or abandonment of membership in SOTC by a member, shows a lack of respect for the Brotherhood and the ministry that God gave that member. We hold no grudge or unforgiveness to the removed member, but they are no longer welcome at SOTC events and they are not to be invited to any SOTC events and SOTC will not attend any events that the expelled member may invite SOTC to attend.

Article 9 Forgiveness and Restoration

1.      Forgiveness and restoration may be offered (on a case-by-case) basis to any ex-member who has a change of heart and requests a formal meeting with the officers of SOTC to discuss and demonstrate that such a change of heart has taken place.  If it is determined by leadership that the ex-member has had a change of heart and genuine repentance of their actions, then the ex-member shall be restored with all the benefits of membership.
2.       Restored members may be subject to a probationary period as determined by the officers of SOTC.

(SOTC Amended Bylaws January 9, 2024)

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