Entering God’s Kingdom takes courage, unwavering faith, determination, and endurance because there is growing opposition aimed at the followers of Jesus. We are a group of men who ride motorcycles but not all our member’s ride. Whether we travel on two wheels or four we stand up for each other as we battle through this opposition to bring honor and glory to the Son of God by bringing new believers into His Kingdom and strengthening those who are already part of His Kingdom.

We are many denominations but share the same faith in the Son of God. We believe in:

1. The Trinity

2. The Bible

We believe that Jesus is coming back soon to take his people home and while it is still light we intend to do the work He puts before us.

Soldiers of the Cross, Motorcycle Ministry has rides planned each year intended for fun and fellowship for its members but we are always looking for an opportunity to share our faith along the way. We also have many other rides during the year intended to minister to the needs of specific groups.

Soldiers of the Cross is a dual ministry, we encourage men who know Jesus with friendship, fellowship, and accountability and we encourage men who don’t know Jesus to turn their life over to Him.

We believe that beating one dog down is an easy task for the weakest of men but beating a pack of dogs down is an impossible task for the strongest of men. Our goal is to be that pack of dogs protecting each other through dedication and prayer to accomplish the task of furthering God’s Kingdom.

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