Carlos Ochoa

My name is Carlos Ochoa
I was born and raised in Hayward Ca. Moved to Modesto Ca after my second marriage.
I was raised in a very strict Christian family, got older and got away from the things of the
lord. Got married at 30years old with my first wife and had 3 amazing children. 10 years
later got divorced and then I was only able to see my children every other weekend, and
mind you this went from the kids being attached to me every where I went. So I prayed
and prayed and every time I went to court I prayed and would text all my close family and
friends to pray with me, and pray that I get my kids back. Well by the grace of God the
courts gave me custody of my children and they came to live with me. Then about 3 years
later I met my second wife to be, and we were buying a home, and we were having
problems with the loan, even to a point that the loan lady said we might have to call the
seller and back out, but not but 2 minutes later she called me and said “If I didn’t believe in
miracles, I certainly do now”, and again by the grace of God the loan went through on our
home. Well 2 weeks after we got married I was diagnosed with what the doctor called
“Triple hit lymphoma cancer”. This was the absolutely scariest time of my life, doctors
said that they could probably only get rid of 70% of it, and I nearly broke down. I prayed
and prayed and went through 6 months of chemo, and on Easter Sunday I had my first
Petscan, and again by the grace of God almighty the cancer was gone! At that point I
accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior! And realized that God never left my side! That God
listened and answered all my prayers! That God is merciful! God is the doctor of doctors!
And that no matter what situation you are in, if you pray and ask for help he will help you.
There is nothing that God can’t do, nothing that God can’t help you with! He is almighty, he
is our creator!
About July of 2022 I reached out to Soldiers of the Cross on social media, and connected
with Mark Christianson. Started attending the Bible studies and then gave my testimony
and was later patched in. I know God led me to Soldiers of the Cross with a purpose.
Another one of Gods great miracles and plans, to give me a place that I can serve him
better and have a group of brothers that will help me grow and keep me on the right path.
Well now I am going thru my second divorce, and I realize that we always need to
remember that Gods plan is the greater plan, and everything happens for a reason. I pray
and pray every day. And again, thanks to God almighty, everything will work out, because
Gods plan is the greater plan and there is absolutely nothing he cannot do or help you
with! You just have to pray and put your faith in God!

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