My birth mother had me when she was 15 years old and I was adopted at birth by another couple. I grew up very angry and getting into fights became a way of life and getting into trouble with the law soon followed. I started doing drugs at 13 and my friends were also my enemies. They stole from me and others while committing crimes and when they got busted to escape punishment they put the blame on me. My extended family were thieves and criminals, men without honor that I willfully kept company with who sold me drugs and were always eager to drag me down to a new low. . In my heart I longed for true friends and a fatherly mentor to teach me about life. I became involved in a certain “Outlaw” motorcycle club at the age of 21. I had grown up around this outlaw club my whole life and at every turn in my life, they were there. My children would be bouncing on a friend’s knee one week and that person would be in prison for murder the next. This was my “normal” everyday life. As I got deeper into the club my health was deteriorating rapidly (looking back God was trying to get my attention) to the point I was in the hospital dying, I overheard the doctor tell my family “We’ve done all we can do, if he makes it thru the night, there’s hope.” Early in the morning I woke abruptly and felt a presence enter the room, I felt a cold, empty, hopeless feeling that scared me to my core. I KNEW my time had come and I started to cry out to God telling him I didn’t want to die! My wife had just given me a son and I needed to be there for him. “Please have mercy on me I cried out to God!” and in an instant, another presence filled the room and drove out the other presence. Suddenly I began to feel warmth starting at my toes that went up and filled my whole body. I started smiling and saying YES! YES! I wanted more of what I was feeling and as I looked up from the hospital bed a small twinkling white light began to shine down into the room towards the door and slowly started to get bigger and bigger until it engulfed the whole room and then suddenly it just disappeared. I went to church one week after being discharged from the hospital and gave my life to the Lord Jesus and I have never looked back! God poured out his love, healing, and wisdom on me for three years as he pulled me out of the darkness and deep despair that was my way of life. I was a new believer for three years being ministered to and then I decided to start ministering to others and to give back some of what I had been given. I started a motorcycle ministry and set out to reach other Men like myself, those looking for REAL brotherhood, and those wanting to change their world. I have met those men and the ministry I started has merged and become part of the Soldiers Of The Cross! Today I have true brothers that have my back and who hold me up in prayer and co-labor with me to further the Gospel. By the power of JESUS CHRIST we have built orphanages and Church’s in Mexico, supported homeless missions in Modesto and San Francisco, supported many missionaries around the world and built a women and children’s center in Cambodia to combat sex trafficking and the list goes on. I am truly blessed! Real manhood must be taught. Iron sharpens iron and there is no greater teacher than JESUS CHRIST!!

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