JESUS CHRIST God bless you. My testimony. I’m 39 years old I’m from Modesto CA. I had a mom and dad growing up my family was pretty decent. But I was being influenced by everything I was watching as a kid like the gang movies and prison movies witch were Bound by honor, American me, Boys in the Hood, Menace to society and that’s what I wanted I wanted to be what I was watching so I became this gang member and I became a tagger righting on every wall I could do vandalism. So growing up I’m this gang member my dad dies of sorosis of the liver when I’m seventeen and my friend gets shot and killed when I was about seventeen by gang violence and when my friend died it became so real it wasn’t a game trying to become what I felt was kool it became real but Satan had me blind I was fine with that because at that time I was like that’s what we do people die then I go to prison in 1999 for 2an half years me and my brother and a couple of friends. I get out July 2, 2001, and my brother Pancho gets out about May 25, 2001, and on July 27, 2001, he got stabbed and killed in the streets but I’m fine with that Satan had me blind had me believing that’s what happens when you live like this so I except it. All that gang violence that’s not what changed me what changed me is when I got so hooked on drugs I started Hearing them and seeing them they were in people on the TV radio everywhere I was at they were there. And I couldn’t be around anybody so I became so alone I didn’t know what it was that was making me feel like this but something had me come to the realization that it was Satan and his army just crushing me. And I couldn’t hear God so I told God I’m so alone I can’t hear you God but you say that you know everything before I’m going to say it so you know that when I call on you I’m going to answer back with my own voice. So one day I yell out as loud as I can JESUS CHRIST I love you God and I answered back for God in my own voice and I LOVE YOU TOO MIKE. And that is how I JESUS CHRIST would talk to God so when people would see me they would say he is going crazy he is talking to himself and even I would feel like Mike you’re going crazy you are out here talking to yourself mike you’re losing it then I would tell myself NO YOUR NOT TALKING TO GOD. So one day I’m at my house and I’m praying to God in your son’s name JESUS CHRIST Lord Father God encamp me with your angels. This is what came out of my heart my soul my mind and my strength. I said WE ARE THE MIGHTY ARCHANGELS AND GOD HEARS YOU MIKE. That is how I heard them and from that day I knew God was truly hearing me, but Satan kept coming at me with drugs. I’m trying to live for God trying to submit to God telling everybody everything I know about JESUS CHRIST but Couldn’t live for him so one day I got this crystal pipe in my hand and I’m about to hit it and something tells me don’t do it Mike God’s not going to love you anymore and something says yes He is it was the Holy War I was hearing the JESUS CHRIST Archangels of Heaven Fighting with Satan and his army. And then a clear voice came to me and said if you hit that mike I’m still going to love you. God asked me you know what’s so beautiful about me mike I’m like what God is that I love you unconditionally you can hit that I’m still going to love you. And then God said there is no way you can out sin my forgiveness!!!! And knew God was with me some days I wouldn’t want to go anymore I just wanted to give but God would be like GET UP I don’t want to GO I would be like why and He would say because JESUS CHRIST loves you that’s why if nobody else loves JESUS CHRIST does so GO. And now because I listened and didn’t give up and kept following the voice of God to the best of my ability. I ended up going back to prison which was a blessing helped me get off drugs and getting out on April 16, 2017, then my spiritual Father Dirk N. And my Brother Saul S. Got me into a program called teen challenge on April 26 2017 I completed April 26, 2018, and now I am JESUS CHRIST An intern/mentor at Teen Challenge so I work there now. I became a part of this great ministry call Soldiers Of The Cross and just living in the blessing that God has always had for me and that is to tell everyone about the true love of JESUS CHRIST and that if you would just say his name He will turn his head from Heaven and see you and help you. One last thing when God restored everything that the devil had took like my being able to be around people without being paranoid being able to hold conversations having common courtesy just all the basic things you got coming by being a human being just who you are when God restored that it showed just being regular me is a blessing. So just be you and love God. JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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