RICK “CHARDO” RYAN Professional driver 40 years – Retired No longer working for mankind, I work for the LORD now ! ! ! My mom was of Mexican descent. So naturally, I was raised in the traditional Catholic religion. I heard the stories about Adam & Eve, Moses and Pharaoh, the parting of the Red Sea, wandering in the desert for 40-years, the woman at the well, and all of the miracles that JESUS did while he gathered his disciples and ministered all over Israel. So I knew of JESUS but did not have a relationship with Him personally. But through my life from very young, I had this insight, this sixth sense. Now as I have come to realize it was YESHUA all along, guiding me, protecting me, providing all my needs, and He was letting me know it too. Because every time I would think, “How did that come about or how did that happen???” I would stop and be quiet and listen. Then the feeling would come over me of peace, that everything is okay and will be just fine. I got this! This would happen time and time again throughout my life, so I found myself talking to Him. Not really praying but just talking to Him. I knew He was hearing me. So as this became so real to me, it really made me question why and how this Catholic religion didn’t make any sense! After my first marriage of 30-Years failed, I was wandering for years. Then I met my coworker/fishing buddy’s wife’s sister. We had a lot in common and we were both seeking the LORD. We got married, moved to San Diego, started a new business, and sought out a good Bible-believing church. Boy, did I find one! ! JESUS was after me. He was convicting me hard while in service several times. It was taking all of my manhood to not totally break down right there in the middle of service. My wife would be holding my hand and arm; she could feel me crying inside, breaking down and convulsing. Every word that was coming out of the preacher’s mouth was straight from JESUS and he was hammering me. He was giving it straight to me. He was letting it all out – my 48 years of worldly sinful life, So in April 2004, I officially gave my life to JESUS and I got baptized! We helped out at the church, and I was feeling that the Lord was pulling me. He wanted to direct me down another path. I prayed to be released from mankind to not be a slave anymore, especially to the almighty dollar!! And after some years, when the timing was right for Him, I was set free- August 13 2013. Since then my life has never been better and never been happier, ! ! ! THANK YOU JESUS FOR YOUR GIFT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE UPON THE CROSS AND THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME THAT MUCH ! !

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