Well, I lived a pretty normal parentless life growing up. Raised by my grandparents from the age of 4 to a freshman in high school. Then raised by my aunt and uncle until graduation. I was in high school that I was first introduced to drugs and it was from there I let them control my life using a regular basis every day became a norm in my life getting in and out of trouble I wasn’t about to give them up for anything or anybody. Even when I met my wife and she warned me that if I didn’t stop she would not marry me. Well, we have been married for 25 years and I still didn’t stop using. For years she did bible studies with the kids always trying to get me to join, but I wasn’t having it. After all, that means I would have to change. It wasn’t until 7 years ago I was working with a buddy who kept talking about Jesus with me. Where one day he asked me if I went to church. I explained to him that I felt all they wanted was your money. He then asked if I ever found a church I liked I would go. I said yes, well about a week later he asked me again. My reply was let me guess your church, so I proceeded to tell him I would go once and after that never bother me again with it. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s all it takes for GOD to transform you. When I walked through the doors of the church I felt something I had never felt before, the Father’s Love. Well, I started going every week, sometimes I would be high and it felt as if God was using the pastor to convict me because during t the service it seemed as if he was starring right at me when he spoke. With my marriage on the rocks and being a drug addict for 28 years, I broke down one day fell to my knees, and prayed for God to help me change. Once again I felt his presents simply whispering in my ear. Do you believe in me? Is your faith in me? Then surrender. The next day I woke up not craving drugs GOD had washed me clean. No counseling or therapy just Jesus. There is no other way to explain after 28 years of drugs I no longer needed them, but that God was working in my life. All we have to do is have faith that God is working for our greater good. He only wants the best for us he loves us and I’m living proof that even a filthy dirty rag like myself can be washed as white as snow with the blood of Jesus.

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